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I am using CKEditor in the form. I was able to save the rich text in the database using CKEditor but I wasn't able to display the data in the form. I did some research about it and found out that we can display it in a different container but in my case, I need to show the data in the same input widget where I entered it initially so that the user can edit and save if needed. 

Thank you for your time.


Hi again,

I made little progress with this, now I can see the data in the input area(I was using input instead of the text area), but I have to refresh the page.



Are you using CKEditor Reactive version or traditional web version. you have marked your application as reactive but posted your question on creditor traditional web version of component.


Hi, I am sorry for my bad, I am using CKEditor reactive version.


Hi, Nanu.

I had this problem a few months ago and the only solution I found at that time, was to put the component and input inside an expandable component, Accordion, and when the user clicked to expand it, configured CkEditor on a Client Action.

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Hi Eduardo,

I will be building many more forms that contain rich text input, so I am not sure if this is the best way to overcome this problem.  I am getting Form data from REST API, I did one test by replacing Rest Data with constant Variable which has Html content in it and it worked perfectly. Not sure why this particular input is not getting the data.


And if you save the Rest Data data, in the variable in an action activated after the data loads (OnAfterFecth)

Does not work?

This is what I just tried and it didn't work either. I did another test by putting a link on the screen where I want to display the data to another screen where I have another CKeditor and passing the content through the input parameter. It's working great on the other screen.

Another possibility is to simulate a click, in the action of OnAfterFecth, to do something similar to what I did in the expansion component, with the difference that who would press the link is a js function in the action.

it didn't work either, thanks. It's really hard to debug this problem. At this point, I am not even sure what's going on.


I just found a solution to solve this problem. Please follow these steps

1) Enclose your CKEditor in a container.

2) add if condition (DataAction.isDataFetched) in the Visible property of the container.

This will only show CKEditor when you have the data.


Good solution. 


Sorry, not very sure if I should comment  here or open a new one. I have tried to put it in container like below but it show as text area instead of CKEditor. Anything I missed out?



You'll have to enclose the CKFlow\CKEditor component in an IF widget to get that working :)

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