Menu Icon to the left

Hello , Im a bit new with outsystems and css, is there a way to move the icon to the left most? Im having trouble looking for the right css to move this.

I want it to look like this (this was edited in paint):

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Hi there,

You just need to open your theme:

And insert the following CSS:

.header-top.ThemeGrid_Container {

    padding-left: 0px;

    margin-left: 0px;


Take into account that with 0px, you will have no space at all to the left of your screen. You might want to had a few pixels (e.g. 10px on the margin-left instead of 0px) to have a few space and to look "nice".

Hope it helps.



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Hi Nikkoli,

You can inspect your application in the browser, try to inspect that particular header section and do the changes in that CSS as you want it to be look like. Then apply the same CSS style in your Theme's stylesheet in service studio.

You can try with following CSS

.layout-top .header .ThemeGrid_Container {

  1. margin-left: 10px;
  2. padding-left : var(--space-none);
  3. width: 100%;


Hope it helps, Thanks!!

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Thanks for the help, I'm now able to move it :)