API/key method instead of SMTP method
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11.8.9 (Build 30790)
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Referring to this Outsystems article on "Configuring Email with the STMP method in Service Center", I can't find where it can be configured to instead use an API/key method.

The reason for my question, is because of the following announcement:

  • We are emailing to inform you of an upcoming requirement to update your authentication method with Twilio SendGrid to API keys exclusively by December 9th, 2020 in order to ensure uninterrupted service and improve the security of your account. 
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What I can highlight for you is how it is configured on our side as per below screenshots. Make sure you type in the API Key and not the API Key ID. You mentioned it is working with the older standard method using a username and password, so I assume that you have your SendGrid configured correctly with the approved public IP address of your Oustystems environment. 

SMTP Server: smtp.sendgrid.net

SMTP Port: 587

Username: apikey

Password: [your api key]



Hi Cyberflake!

I believe that there is no way to configure it in the platform, since each e-mail service could use a different authentication through API. 

I would suggest you contact Twilio to re-check if SMTP will be deprecated, and then, look the options. 

To keep using it on Outsystems (without SMTP option) you will need to create integrations to autenticate and send e-mails, but, this way you will not using Outsystems Email service.


Tiago Resende

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Appreciate your time to respond. 

It is my opinion if Outsystems is planning to support the new standard and more secure method, then it's good but to know when but if they are not planning to support it, then that part of the Service Center will soon become pointless.

It appears all major email providers, such as Twillio/Sendgrid, Microsoft etc. are indeed moving away from the traditional SMTP auth method and opting in for API Key method, some have already stopped supporting the aforementioned.


You can open a Ticket to support, asking if it is on the road map for futures releases, but, as I said, in my opinion there is'nt a strong pattern for this, since this is an API... Sendgrid for example is using Bearer tokens, others can use only the Authorization header, Client Secret and so on... for Microsoft (Office 365) and AWS (SES) SMTP is in use nowadays.

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Figured it out. 

All you have to do is to supply the username: APIKey and the key as the password. Done.

I suppose updating the Outsystems documentation with the above sentence would help (a lot).