[Vonage APIs Web] Problem to see the demo
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Published on 15 Sep 2020
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I have another doubt, 

How can I fix this problem? 

For example, I try to insert my APIKey, but the data type for this site property is an integer, and my APIKey has a letter. 

How the best way to solve this problem?

Best Regard, 

Jessica Marques. 

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Hello Jessica, can you double-check if the "b" is not a "6"?

I take a look at the extension and the documentation and ApiKey is an integer.

Please confirm here: https://tokbox.com/developer/sdks/dot-net/



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Hello Luis Cardoso, 

Make sense! But I don't believe it is because I simply copied the  APIKey from my Vonage account. 

Best Regards, 

Jessica Marques. 

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Ok, got it. And can you confirm if that API is for Voice or Ok TokBoxServer?

For the TokBoxServer extension you should pass the Project API Key, do you have it?

In the print that you send you are calling the action GenerateToken and there you need to pass the Project APIKey (second image) and is Integer.

If you are calling actions from the extension VonageVoice you can pass text (first image).

I take a look at the Demo and I found only 1 place where you should pass text:

In this action, you can pass text (maybe this is the API that you have).

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Hello Luís Cardoso, 

Thanks for the explanation, 

It is my first time using this API, and I understood that only VideoAPI needed to create a project to generate an API key, the others I understood that I could use APIKey and APISecret that are informed right at the beginning of my Vonage API Dashboard account.

Thanks for the information, I will see how is the better way to use this API.

Best Regards, 

Jessica Marques. 

(note! I have a problem finding the place to mark your second answer as a solution... )

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It's currently not possible to mark a reply in a thread as the solution. I've reported this back to the Forums-team. For now I marked the whole thread as the solution.