Wizard form navigation validation


I have a wizard.  This wizard contains multiple forms in separate wizard steps. Total 3 steps. However, the validation doesn't seem to work correct. 

Step 1. User fills in form. Click on next, mandatory fields should be marked incase not filled.

Than, user fills in the correct fields and goes to step 2. Than one step 2 all the fields are already marked as invalid??

On step 2 the user fills in some fields and clicks next to step 3, but cant. Since step 2 not all fields are filled in correctly.  So the invalid fields are marked in step 2.

Than the user clicks previous in step 2 and goes back to step 1. The form in step 1 should just show the entered values and no invalid error fields. Than when going next again to form 2 this form should show the previous entered values in step 2 and (i think its logical) that the previous marked invalid fields are not marked when opening the form for the second time.

Any help on how to implement this?

Kind regards,



Hello Bash,

 I created a component with a sample of how to develop a wizard with forms and validations.

See the attached OAP.


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