Use Outsystems login instead of externallogin like Auth0

Is there a way to use the UI of my outsystem application instead of the AUTH ZERO?

Basically I want the users to use this:

instead of the auth zero login page.


By default, unless you explicitly remove it, you should have access to that default login screen by navigating to its URL directly, which would be https://<Server Domain>/AppName/Login (try that with any of your existing apps), enabling you to log in with a user created via the default Users module.

Now, if you want it to be the -standard- way for users to authenticate within your application, assuming you have external authentication enabled in the Users module, you need to do a couple changes to your login flows and the OnException flows, so that it redirects you to the Login screen instead of an External Login URL.

For example, If you go to Interface > Common > OnException, your flow should look something like this (without Server Actions like User_GetUnifiedLoginURL, RedirectToURL with an external Login or actions pointing you to the external login screen), and something similar for all Login related flows (such as the Login link in the Interface > Common > UserInfo block):

Now I do not know the specifics of the connector you are using for Auth0, but for example, this guide (https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Upgrading/Updating_the_login%2F%2Flogout_flows_of_your_Reactive_Web_App_to_support_SAML_2.0) shows the steps for IMPLEMENTING external login with SAML in your flows, so assuming you want to bypass it, you would have to do the OPPOSITE of what is explained there, so that all the flows/actions mentioned do not redirect you to the external website and rather redirect you to the Common\Login screen every time that is necessary. 

If your case is more complex (i.e. you want to use both internal/external authentication), then you probably need to build some additional "portal" screen or create additional logic in your flows to handle all cases appropiately.