How to Split large Screens by using server side tabs?

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While reading the Performance Best Practices - User Interface article I stumbled upon server side tabs, which can be used to split large screens. Im only familiar with client side tabs. Can someone please give me more information about these server side tabs?

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Hi Jordi,

From my understanding, the idea of that best practise is to actually split one large screen into two (or more) smaller screens, each with its own preparation. Since going to another 'tab' is actually loading a new screen with a new preparation, it could be considered a server side tab (each click on a tab directs to a new screen and makes a call to the server to populate the new screen with screen data, during its preparation). With a bit of CSS, you can simulate Tabs between such screens.

One big difference between this approach and one large screen with client tabs is the load time of the page. When you have one large screen, the number of calls to the server for data in the preparation will make the screen load slower and have a large viewstate. If you split that large screen in different screens with smaller preparations (less queries per preparation), each of those screens will load faster and have a smaller viewstate.

Again, this is my understanding, as I didn't find much information on the subject either. Hope it helps.

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Hi David,

Thank you for sharing your understanding of the server side tabs. It makes sense and I think you are right. 

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