[CameraPreview Plugin] Changing the default camera permission message on iOS
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Hi there

I'm trying to put a mobile app on the AppStore, but the store is complaining about the permission message when using the camera. The application needs the camera to work, so we urgently need to fix this problem.

I'm using the CameraPreviewPlugin instead of CameraPlugin, because the application needed the camera to appear in full screen.

Looking here on the forum, I thought I could change some parameters in Extensibility Configurations, but it didn't work. Here is the code that is in Extensibility:




        "url": "https://github.com/martinsda/cordova-plugin-camera-preview.git#v0.10.4",



            "values":"Utilizaremos a camera para tirar fotografias para realizar o registro de ponto"




            "values":"Utilizaremos a biblioteca para resgatar fotografias para realizar o registro de ponto"




My doubts are:

1 - Where do I change the default camera permission message on the iPhone?

2 - If it is for Extensibility, what are the variables that I should put?

3 - And in which project should I edit the Extensibility, in my mobile project or in the CameraPreviewPlugin module?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Henrique.

Change extensibility of CameraPreviewPlugin module to add following variables:



Change variables values to your custom messages. 

I already use this in mobile apps, with CameraPlugin module.

I hope helps.

Did you manage to fix this? I have the same issue, I changed the extensiblity configuration but it's not working.  I keep seeing the default message.

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