"Go" button on android virtual keyboard
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Service Studio Version
11.8.13 (Build 32893)

Hi guys,

I need, when clicking on the "Go" button, that app does not "submit", but moves to the next field, which is a dropdown list. When the next field is "input" I'm not having any problems with that, it works as it should, "next" appears instead of "Go". I tried to make a JS to force focus on the dropdown, but it didn't work. All fields are inside of the form. Reactive app.


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Hi Petro,

Can you confirm that on your Button, that does the submit, has the parameter Is Form Default to No?

This option works on Reactive application in a similar way to the Is Default option in Traditional Web which identifies the button as the one to be triggered whenever the Enter key is pressed.

I think that is what is happening in your case, the "Go" key is triggering the same behavior as the Enter key which triggers the action on the button with Is Form Default = True. You can read more here, the page where the idea was once described and then implemented.