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I am working on a personal environment and have to connect to an external sql server database. The database connection is blocked and I need to white list the IP address of the Personal Environment server.  

Where can I find the IP address of the personal environment? I tried to ping the environment name, but the ip address that is being returned does not work as a whitelist IP address either.

Thanks so much!

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Hi Vonnelize,

Usually you would find it on Service Center under Monitoring - Environment Health (read more here) but this feature is not available on Personal Environments.

Additionally, IPs on Personal Environments are not fixed and may change (for instance, when upgrading your environment to a new version), like you can see on this post here.

Hope it helps.


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Thanks Joao. Are you then saying that I cannot connect to this database from a personal environment at all?

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You can try to ping the personal environment address on command prompt 

ping [xxx].outsystemscloud.com

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Hi Vonnalize,

All that my colleague João states is correct, especially important the fact that IPs are not fixed and may change.

That said you can use nslookup to find the IP of your PE.

run CMD on windows search bar.

then on the prompt enter: nslookup https://<yourPEname>@outsystemscloud.com

The server and ip address will be listed, just be aware when your platform version is upgraded (for example since a few days PE's can be upgraded to version11.10.0), to perform this check again to see if IP is changed.