Opening a popup when a certain condition is mate by the screen

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I'm a newbie to Outsystems, and I want to know  How  I can implement a condition where a popup will be triggered when the user reaches to the bottom of a screen, for example after finishing reading terms and conditions of the application 

Hi Phillip! 

The answer is Yes. 

Following your example, the event of reaching the bottom of the screen : 

This event is build in the layouts normally used in the mobile screens it is called "OnPullToRefresh" you can use the handler of this event to change a field, say a Boolean field with name ShowMyPopup  . 

In the screen you can have an If like this:

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Hi Phillip,

You can leave a link hidden on the screen, which when clicking on it opens the popup. And put this on the screen to wait for the Scroll event to end:

window.addEventListener("scroll", (event) => {

if($(window).scrollTop() + window.innerHeight > $(document).height() - 50) {


    console.log("reached bottom!");



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You could handle the OnScrollEnding event and set a variable bound to a Popup.