Azure SQL Database External Connection

Hello good afternoon,

I'm trying to create a connection between Outsystems and my External Database that I have in Azure and I cannot make the connection right. I have successully connect using the Microsoft SQL Server Management but from Outsystems I keep receiving the followin error: Cannot open server "dominio.pt" requested by the login.  The login failed. 

I have identified the IP of my Outsystems server and put it in the White List of the Azure Account, I have try to use the string connection, but nothing works. This is my connection (I have changed the domain of my user, the name of the server and the database):

Can anyone help me? Its a bit strange also that the error says that the server "dominio.pt" cannot be open, because thats the domain of my username and not the server. Did anyone had the same issue?


André Silva

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I suspect you are using the wrong username and password. You don't use your Azure login details. If you are using a full Azure SQL database you need to use the details set in the "connection string" for the Azure database, these usual aren't in an email format. If you are using an Azure VM with SQL installed then you need to use the SQL server login not the login to the VM or Azure. If you do have your login to SQL set to an email format try changing it to a simple username as it looks like the connection is taking the @ as a domain/server separator.

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Hello Jeanene,

Thank you very much for your answer.

Indeed I was using the Azure AD account to try to connect and I should be using an SQL Account that can be created directly in the Database. After adding a new USER for Login and then added it to the Database it worked.

I leave here the scripts if anyone has the same problem:

  1. Connect to the Database using an Admin user
  2. Create a new SQL User using the following command:


  3. Add the new user to the Database that you want using the following command:

    CREATE USER [NewAdminName] FOR LOGIN [NewAdminName]
    EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', N'NewAdminName'

Using this user you should be able to connect Outsystems to the Azure Database (don't forget to add the IP of Outsystems in the Firewall of the Azure SQL Server).

Also after solving this I was unable to create the extension because I always receive the error "MSBUILD : error MSB1009: Project file does not exist.". Unfortunately the error was due to my folder name in the Users Folder associated to my Windows Account. Because it has accents in the words and spaces, it was unable to compile the project. Changing the name and everything started working.