[SimpleQRCode] Simple QR Code Generator does not work in one of our environments
Forge component by Miguel Meireles
Published on 08 Aug 2019
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Traditional Web, Reactive


We are having this weird issue about this SimpleQRCodeGenerator Component. We are using the below GenerateQRCode method to generate the QR Code. It works perfects in our Dev environment but does not work in higher environments. I do not even see logging even after adding some debugging in the C# code. Does this component need additional permissions/settings in any environment to work ? Does this component create or write any temp files in the server ? Please let me know if any facing issues or any ideas.



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Hello Ravi

The component does not need additional permissions or write temporary files.

Check in the windows event viewer if there were any logs.

In my work we had a problem with the application in the production environment because we were using a monitoring program, as the code is obfuscated for that component, the monitoring program caused an error, but this was only visible in the event viewer

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Thank you Miguel for your reply. I will check in the event viewer.