[Dynamic Button Group Reactive] Building Reactive Quiz app with multiple RadioButton Group
Forge component by David Farinha


i am developing reactive quiz app using RadioButtonGroup.

when i try to select radio button option, it selects only one option  out of all Radiogroup .

and designed DB table with que, 4 options, correctAns & UserSelectedAns attributes.

i have attached image with issue.

please help me to solve this issue.



The image doesn't mean a lot. I think you need to define a block for each question:

  • easy to implement and maintain
  • the button will just affect in scope of block

Hope this help


thanks for reply.

will you please suggest me steps to build Quiz Reactive app with RadioGroup?

& database design for the same.

this will help me a lot.

thanks :)


I have implemented one for specific purpose. 

  • 1 quiz set contains many quiz (question)
  • 1 quiz contains many quiz option
  • quiz set has PassingScore to decide user pass or not
  • quiz option has IsCorrect attribute to determine it is answer of the quiz or not

Attach the image to help u design 

Hope it help

option attr inside QuizOptions entity is with correct one ans, right?

Be considered that Quiz is question, QuizOption is the option to select for question

QuizId in the QuizOption is just reference, which means that current option is for question

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