Mobile App error: Failed to handle request: NSMutableURLRequest: 0x281eb1580 iOS

Hi guys

After deploying our Mobile Application, we're getting the following error  

Failed to handle request: <NSMutableURLRequest: 0x281eb1580> { URL: outsystems://customer.outsystemsenterprise.com/AppName/moduleservices/moduleversioninfo?1605118158317 } with error: cancelled 

Source: OSWKWebView 

NetworkStatus: Online
Cordova: 5.1.1
NetworkType: wifi
OperatingSystem: iOS 14.1

DeviceModel: iPhone12,1
NativeShell: 8.3.1

Outsystems Version 11.7.2 (Build 5749)

Thread Name: .NET: 4.0.30319.42000

I think this is something specific on iOS since it does not happen on Android devices

Has anyone ever struggled against a similar error?

Some troubleshooting information:

The apps are successfully generated in both Native Platforms...


...with MABS Version 6.3

Thanks in advance for any help provided

Regards and stay safe