Add Translations and set locales actions throwing an error in mobile application
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I am working multilingual mobile app and in OnApplicationReady and Login actions we are using AddTranslations and setLocale actions when these actions are invoked getting an error "script error for "Text" http://requirejs.org/docs/errors.html#scipterror "

This issue occurs when i try to login to mobile app for first time,when i close the error message and click on login -It goes sucessfully.

Note: The app works fine in browser,Outsystems Now ,only problem is when you install the mobile app on your device and try to run the app.

Can someone give some inputs to fix this error,Please!


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Did you use this component ? https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1784/multilingual-component

Better ask question in the component discussion, so the author will notified.


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Hi Naren,

Not really sure what could be the problem, maybe you should open a support case with that.

Tiago Simões

PS: you might want to know that we've just released a new version where mobile and reactive translations can be done directly inside Service Studio.

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Hi Naren,

 I tried with the reactive application and it’s working fine. Kindly follow the below steps and hope it's useful for you. - Thanks

1. To Add the OS Forge component “Multilingual” in Manage Dependencies

2. Create "json” file”

  • Create "json” file with all translations words and stored as a resource file in the frontend module
  • Resources folder available in the DATA tab and user can add their "MultiLingual.json" file to the respective location
  • "MultiLingual.json" contains locale code, translations, isRightToLeft

3. In the Data tab have the Client variable Folder & To create a new variable in Client variable folder location


4. To add the attribute in the displayed component and set display message: data-trans & set the unique Id’s (json file)

5. Client Action: OnApplicationReady

Set SessionMultilingual (Assign the variable)
Set Resources URL (Add AddTranslationsFromResource : MultiLingual JSON file)
SetLocale (Client.SessionMultilingual)

6. Finally, Front end webscreen Client action (SelectLanguageOnClick) assignments

Set SessionMultilingual (assign the client variable)
SetLocale (Client.SessionMultilingual)

7. End.