Download an info.plist from OutSystems for upload to app store

It is easy for me to download the IPA file direct from OutSystems to upload to the Apple App Store.
Is there a similar easy way to download the info.plist file from OutSystems (in XML format)?

Why? I am using Windows and not a Mac, and would like to upload my mobile app direct to the App Store.

I have installed the ITMStransporter. When I use that to upload the .IPA file to the app store, it gives an error: able to generate a software package on Windows. Export an AppStoreInfo.plist from Xcode, and use the -assetDescription option.

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Hi Alan, For this case, I think you should use EditPlistFilePlugin to add the config for assetDescription (CFBundleIconName)

The requirement from Apple is that I must upload BOTH the IPA and the PLIST file if I am using ITMSTransporter from a windows pc.

It will not help to edit the embedded plist inside the ipa file.
i must have the plist file in XML format and upload that with the ipa.

This is why I’m asking if there is a way to get the plist file from OutSystems rather than a way to edit the embedded plist.