[Vonage APIs Web] Help with session to create video conference
Forge component by Parma Bhagwandin
Published on 15 Sep 2020

Hello Community!

I´m trying to create an app using the Vonage API Web. But Unfortunately, I still haven't had success with my application. I have some doubts. Maybe someone can help me...

Question: I understood that the same session was enough for both student and teacher to participate in the video conference. I presented the value of the variable, in this case, the value of the current session of the entity "SessionVideoConference" on the screen to check if it was the same for both the student and the teacher. And I was able to confirm that yes, that way, I cannot understand because they are not together in the video conference room. Could you help me understand what I'm doing wrong?

--> Here is the flow I developed for the teacher to create the session and generate his own token to join the video conference room:

--> O fluxo do aluno é o seguinte, primeiro apenas navega para a tela "JoinClass", nela eu crio o token para o aluno em seguida ele é direcionado para a tela "VideoConference":

I attached oml!

Best Regards, 

Jessica Marques



Hi Jessica,

Please take a look at the containers in the webblock. The style classes should be the same as in the demo page. See the image below. Check all the three containers (CntVideos, CntSubScriber and CntPublisher)

Javascript uses the classes to find the containers to add the screen to.

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Hello, Parma 

I intentionally removed the classes from the containers to try to achieve my goal with the app. Now I have already returned the classes to their respective containers. However, I still couldn't get the teacher and student to be in the same room, despite sharing the same session (I believe)

I will again review the app and check the changes I need to make to be successful.

Thank you very much for the quick response and explanation.


Jessica Marques.