Not able to set the width of table in reactive web
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I am not able to set the width of column in table widget. I have 11 column and need to adjust them to avoid horizontal scroll. I tried giving width to header and rows but nothing works.


Hi Virat,

You can do that by giving a width to a header cell.

For instance, this is my table:

And this is my table, after giving the header cell for Name a width of 100px, the column got smaller:

Hope it helps.


Hi Virat, a table with 11 columns is a bit large for a screen. Perhaps you can design a page that handles the information density different. Think about table rows that are a little bit higher so you can fit 2 lines of text in one row.

Hi Virat,

Adjusting the table width to 80% would do the required for you ,as I feel it is better to have a horizontal scroll otherwise what @ João Marques has suggested would be the best alternative.

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