Combo box filter

Hi! I have a preparation with an aggregate with a join with 3 tables. And I have a table records that has as Source Record List this aggregate "GetMovies.List". Now I would like to have 4 combo box to filter the table records based on the selected option in each of the combo boxs. Do you know how to properly achive this in outsystems? There is some example to achieve this properly?

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Hi Jake,

Yes, you can do it very easily.

My example will be for Movie Type filter, you can replicate the same thought process for the others.

You first want to create a variable that will hold the value for the filter, let's call it MovieTypeId and set tht type to Movie Type identifier:

Then you want to drag the combobox to the screen binded to MovieTypeId:

On your query that fetches the movies, you will need to add the filter for MovieTypeId if one is selected:

Now on the combobox, you want it to add a hook on the OnChange:

And on the OnChange action, you just need to refresh the query and the table part of the screen:

And that's it!

Hope it helps.