How to download my tables data as excel?


How to get my table data in excel? I want to export it to my PC. I tried to access my tables through the environment but there was no download button.

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Hi Faris,

A simple way to do this is to create a button to export to excel.

A way is, use an aggregate to get a list in your table. be care to not get a lot of records.


Hope this helps.


In a screen action you can use the "Record List to Excel" widget and the  Download Widget in the end , the screen action can be call through a button or a link.  

Hope this helps


Can't I download it to my pc through the environment?

I created a mobile app not a website so it won't be practical to do it that way when I just want it on my desktop as an excel file.

I'm not understanding exactly the situation. 

But if you see the list in environment, have tried select what you need,  then "Ctrl  + c" and "Ctrl + v" in the open excel sheet?


If you have your data in the "Resources" just "right click"  the file and option "Save Resource As"


it did download, but there was no data in it.

I want to export all the data that was entered in the app.