[Oracle Connector - P11] Probems with the ExecuteFunction Action. Parameters are not used and returned
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Thanks for creating this component.

I tried the use the StoredFunction action.

In the database I have the following simple function (in the ooo_owner.emp_service package)

function last_bonus (p_empno  number)

  return number is


  --raise_application_error (-20000, 'This is an error for empno '||p_empno);

  return 100;


I call this function as follows:


With the following definitions of LastBonusInput and LastBonusOutput

The structures are defined as follows:

When I execute this action, no error is shown but no bonus value is returned.

Also when I uncomment the raise_application_error in my function the raised error is returned but the p_empno parameter is  null.

Could you shed some light on this?

Kind regards,

Matthieu de Graaf

Hi! Do you have solution to this?

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