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Published on 17 Jun 2020
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Hello i am tring to send a sms from my android aplication and i am using the Sms Cordova plogin qith this logicBut i have always the same error and the application says that the plugin is not available, how could i fix this?

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Daniel, you are not supposed to use the plugin like that!!

The plugin should remain on the original module and then you only need to consume the actions! Probably, as you dragged and dropped the plugin code into another module, you don't have the repository of that plugin configured on that module!

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I have already tried that and it gives me the same error.

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I will send you the cordova module, if its not enough i'll try send you the entire application.


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The plugin seems ok! I just want to see the module where you are calling it!

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Also, it's important to understand what are you trying to achieve! Can you please explain?

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Its part of a very big application, the part where we call the module in the "registro" screen on the save button in the saveonclick action.The phone number was changed to protect the developers privacy.


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Sending an sms with a password generated text to later on confirm the phone number.

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I will do some tests tomorrow and i will get back to you!

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Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the delay. I have created a sample app, just to test the plugin, and it's working fine.

I have attached the OML that i've created for the test purposes.


Pedro Domingues


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Thank you i will try it.