Salary in Portugal

Hi peeps!


1. I'm curious about salary range in Portugal, both Porto and Lisbon, from entry level to senior and if possible tech lead.

2. Is it common to find remote work, or is it mostly on site?


I'm a mobile/web developer with 7+ years of experience in the field, currently I'm looking to go back to Portugal, and I'm not really happy with the salary range (of course I do understand that it won't have the same salaries as UK or NL), anyway I've came across OutSystems and been playing with it over a week, and although I normally prefer open source platforms, I could see myself working with this platform.

 I've heard rumors about people getting €6K+/month, which seems quite high, and since I cannot find a single mention of salary ranges in the job offerings I came here to find people with actual experience in this.

Cheers, and any (constructive) feedback is welcome 

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Hello Marcos, 

Remote work is increasingly common, especially with the current changes due to the global pandemic.

About salary, it is very relative (project, experience, negotiation, type of hiring, etc.) who is starting starts with an average of € 1K / month in Portugal, (recently graduated). Learning and growth are very fast, especially for those who are already web developers. The sky is the limit, but € 6K / month is not a reality for most, there are service contracts that are obviously higher values, perhaps this is the case.

What I can say for sure is that OutSystems is worth it.