[MQTT Mobile Client] How to connect to AWS Topic?
Forge component by Barduino
Published on 06 Jun 2019
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I made something like the example of this component, but nothing happens. 

I have this action "InitMQTT" in the "On Ready" of my Screen:

I set the EndPoint and Region, and the name of the topic

And I have a action to say that "is connected"

Here is the use of the actions on the webblock:

So, when I go to a debug session nothing happens after setting the values for MQTTSubscribe.

When I go to Console of Google Chrome, I have this error message:

Am I using this component correctly? 

Is there another way to subscribe a mobile application on an AWS topic?

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 I had not put the IAM AWS access key and secret key. Now is working :)

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Awesome Julia,

keep at it!

This component is long overdue for a refresh, but I still use it every day.

BTW, what are you building? Can you tell us about it? what's your use case?


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Hi! Thank you, your component is great.

I have an esp8266 that is sending data to an aws topic, and now the Outsystems application receives that data.

It is an IOT hydrometer: D

I only have one problem: communication only happens when the application is active, as it is a client side.

If you know a way to use MQTT on the server side with Outsystems, it will be of great help!


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Hi Julia,

That sounds familiar.

What I do is that I create e REST API on the app side and have the device send the data also via REST using a simple http post.

This way you get both some history data from the database and live data from the mqtt.

If you're using aws you can probably create some kind of lambda function to do the same.