[ImageToolbox] Task Box Not Working in Reactive Web Application
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Hello Community,

I am trying to implement Taskbox in Reactive web app using the processes tutorial (Traditional) . As the Task box is not visible, i went through the previous forums..

1. Enable EPA_TASKBOX for the specific application module.

2. Adding SampleReactiveTaskbox(forge component) block in my application.

The task box is still not visible after performing above steps, Also the process is not locked .....

Please, Can anyone help me with this....

Additional Info:

Service Studio Version: 11.9.0


Hi Vamsi Krishna,

First, if you can I'd suggest you change the Forge Component you selected for the post, as it is currently unrelated to the SampleReactiveTaskbox component.

Second, have you checked this how-to on using the Taskbox in Reactive apps? Maybe you're missing something? or maybe you're not logged in as the right user (and so you don't have any tasks available)?

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply Jorge, I created my process referring to the page you mentioned, still i didn't find the Taskbox, attached the images, please let me know if i miss anything...

Just a hunch, can you remove the Reviewer role check mark. As you are giving the User id (GetReviewer(Order)), i think you do not need a role check again.

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