Expected behaviour of renewing Provisioning Profiles
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We've got an iOS mobile app (In House build type) that we distribute to customers via a link. The provisioning profile for the app will expire soon however the certificate is still valid for a few more years. After renewing the provisioning profile (just by editing the provisioning profile and saving it again in the Developer portal), will users need to reinstall the app again? Or would they be able to continue using it with no interruptions? I'm aware that the app will need to be regenerated with the renewed profile. I'm also aware that users would need to reinstall the app if a new provisioning profile is used however in this case we'll still be using the same one, so i just wanted to confirm the expected behaviour. 

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Hello @Ossama Ghanem ,

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If your distribution provisioning profile expires, the apps that use that provisioning profile will stop working.  Users will see a message along the lines of "this app is no longer available."  You will either need to renew the provisioning profile and distribute if through your MDM if your provider supports that feature or you will need to recompile your apps with the new provisioning profile.



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Hi Babu

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I can confirm that our tests match your findings. One thing to add: Existing running versions of the app will remain functional (until the expiry date) even if the app is regenerated in Service Center with the new provisioning profile, easing the transition a little.