How to convert Excel to PDF file

Now we need to save the input information in the database, how to insert the information into Excel, and finally turn the Excel sheet pages into PDF files by the user choosing which sheet pages to contribute

But Now I don't have any idea. Do you have any better idea?I hope you can help me

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It looks like you are trying to find 1 possible option for doing 3 different tasks.

1. To save the information entered on the input form into the database.

2. To export the data from database into an excel file.

3. After importing the data into an excel file save them as PDF.

Kindly confirm, if this is what you want to do or is there any other requirement?

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1. The information entered on the form needs to be saved in the database

2. Write the data of the database into Excel

3. Convert Excel sheets into PDF files

4, Excel contains macros, now can not write in, will report an error

What can you do about it

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It seems that the Excel input box is constrained, and then when I want to fill in the value, it will report such an error. Please check it. Thank you