Change container with dropbox selection
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Hi there,

First of all, i must say that i'm starting to do my first steps with OutSystems.

I already follow some paths (congratulations to the team that provided that. THEY ARE GREAT for noobs like me) and now i'm starting to develop my very first module.

In this case, i want to build a dropbox that shows different containers in each option that the user chooses.

I follow the .oml that @Vikas Sharma shared here, e created all variables, the action but isn't working. Also, i can't find any relation between the variable "TextVar" with the dropbox and i don't know if the action i built make any sense (or if it's good practice to create actions like this)

I uploaded the .oml that i'm working on.

Best regards


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Hi João,

From what I understood you want to show the different inputs based on the option chosen on the dropbox.

One of the things that I noticed based on your OML was the lack of using your variables to show or hide the inputs. So what I did was to wrap the inputs inside IFs.

Another thing was to simplify the action used on the OnChange

So i added a new action where i have changed the code:

I have uploaded a new version of your OML.

I hope this helps to resolve your issue.

Best regards,

Bruno Gomes


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Hi João,

As a solution to  the mentioned use-case, you just have to wrap the label and input widgets within a nested IF widget with a specific condition.

Refer the attached update .oml file

Hope his helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam