Difference between Activity Status: Open and Ready - BPT

i am learning the BPT knowledge recently,  but a bit confused,  i saw a lot of status in the acticity status table and  the ready & open status will be appeared in the task box.

i also did some testing in my sample app,  while a human acticity is triggerred, this human activity will be automatically changed to "ready" status.  but i didn't find any action to update status to "open".

or when should i use this open status?

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If you are using the EPA taskbox, when you click in the task from the taskbox the system will change the task to "Open" status.

If you want to do it from your side, you can use this actions from System module:

Basically, in ready, the task is assigned and waiting to be managed. In open, the task already was been seen.

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which means,  "open" status just indicates this task has been opened and seen from the task plugin, nothing else different from the ready status..

can i say that? 

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This status have more scope that that. In Human activities you have callback actions based on those status that can give more power to your BPT:

You just need to right click the human activity and add the callback action that you prefer. That callback action will run when the human activity change for that required status.

For more info about BPT I recommend to take a look at the BPM master class:


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You can find information here

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