What is the process for changing LifeTime hostname
Platform Version
11.7.3 (Build 7036)

We are in the process of trying to configure our environment to work with the new Builder SaSS tools.  One of the requirements was it needed to be able to connect to the on-premises environment.  We had a few hoops to jump there, but I was able to get the hostname changed so that I could give it a DNS that could be public and successfully registrered my DEV environment with Workflow Builder.  Now I'm trying to do the governance setup which requires access to my LifeTime servers, which there again are not accessible via public DNS.  So now I'm trying to figure out all of the steps to change the LifeTime hostname to a domain in our company that can be public. The original setup used the internal only domain.  I did this change with the DEV environment, but just trying to see if there are other steps I need to take with LifeTime.

Steps I did for our DEV Environment:

  1.  Change the hostname in the Environment Configuration page
  2.  Change the hostname of the Global Deployment zone via the command line of the configuration executable on the platform server
  3. Republish the factory to get the new hostname

My question is what are the additional steps I would need to perform for the LifeTime environment?

I assume:

  1. Update the infrastructure configuration for each environment registered in LifeTime for new LifeTime hostname

Is there others?


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Hi Jeremy,

Are you using the OutSystems Cloud PaaS or OnPremise? The process may be slightly different, but mainly, besides the steps you pointed you would need to change the SSL certificate in your IIS to be valid if it is not already.
And point your domain to your site in your domain's admin console (Not related with OutSystems).

Other than that, I believe nothing else will be needed.

Just changing it in the Environment configuration page (ServiceCenter) and republishing all your modules should be enough

I think you would not even need to change the zone address, unless you have changed it in the past, or have more than one zone, because by default they will use the environment link configured in ServiceCenter. See here: