[IdP] Username max length mismatch on SamlMessage_Log entity

There is a simple mismatch between the username max length from Users and SamlMessage_Log entities. If you have a username greater than 50 characters the IdP will not be able to insert the log and the whole login will fail with no logs or warnings. To prevent this I propose to increase the max length of the SamlMessage_Log's username column to 250.


Hi Joao,

Its a valid point, in meanwhile if you need to solve the problem(if you didn't already), you can increase the size of this attribute and use it

Best regards,

Carlos Lessa

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your response. I did that.

My only concern is if someone thinks is a good idea to get the forge version for the IdP.

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I realize this thread is over 7 months old, but came across it because we faced issues with the Idp application and users with long email addresses.

I agree with João Paulo, it would be great if the Forge version could be updated to include this fix.

Note: The above suggestion increases the length to 250 characters, but I believe 254 would be more correct as that is the largest supported length as specified by RFC 2821.



Is this still open as I am facing this issue for users with large usernames? Also where can I find this SamlMessage Log entity?

Still an issue since the last time I checked. 

I would fix that myself if I had access. I am still using a customized version in my factory because of that.

@Rushikesh Kulkarni, as Staff can you fix this issue or grant me access?

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