Can you use a dynamic list of radio buttons within Radio Group (Reactive)
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I do not see any documentation on how to use a dynamic list for radio buttons within a radio group, is this possible?

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check this  component 


or you can try this solution also

1. Put your list records in the screen. With source to your source (list of an aggregate, for example)
2. Select list record widget right click on that and select insert widget radio buttons .Set the VALUE of the radio button to the id of the record being selected (ex: ListRecord1.list.Current.record.id).
3. Set the VARIABLE associated with the radio button to a local variable in the page.


Nilam Patil


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Hi Sten,

I think this post may help. It is exactly the same user case as yours.

Instead of using radio buttons you can try to use links/buttons to change the value of a specific var and simulate a radio button behavior.

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RR :)