how to show a column when we choose one value

Hi All,

I make a web traditional application. So, i have an editable table. in there, there is a dropdown widget. In the dropdown value, there is a value called others. if we choose others in that dropdown list, I want to show 1 column (called others)automatically that at first this column is in hide mode, so we can input it in free text. how to make like that? how to show that 1 column automatically when we choose others from the dropdown list? for default, the column called others is hide.




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Hi Riestra,

If your user case is to show or hide a column depending on a condition you can always use the extended properties of your table cell.

See here:

If I set this style property I can define if my column you appear or not using inline CSS.

Remember to apply this style in both, Header and Cell, of your table.

This way toggling the show columns option in the right top corner you can have this behavior:

However, if you are using a table that will not always have this column for all cells.
I recommend you to use an 'IF widget' linked to the option selected in dropdown to show or not a input.

Something like this:

This way if you select show in the drop down a field will appear for you to type whatever you want:

I'm attaching the .oml sample that I used for the prints.
Hope it can help you.

Let me know if you don't understand any part of the code, and I can explain in more details.

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)


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Hi Riesta,

Since you're working with a Traditional Web application, you'll need to add a Screen Action to make it work. Set the OnChange of the dropdown to that Screen Action. In the Screen Action, check if the selected value (of the Current record) is 'Other' (if False, End). If the selected value was 'Other', use Ajax Refresh to refresh your table (or at least refresh the Hide column).