How to visualize process flow

I have a fairly complex process flow for a document to be approved - it has to be submitted, approved by several levels of staff and can be rejected at any point and put back into a "discussion" mode.  I am not doing this through the "process" section of OutSystems however.  With that in mind - anyone have any good suggestions or methods for visually showing the submitter of the documents what the status of their document is in the process?

Avoid complexity, unless you have a UX designer on hand.

Consider showing a list of submitted documents with labels on the list item, a bit like the Question label on the Forum post list. The labels should be unique in color and describe the status in one short word. Add the option to filter by status, and add a search field to grant quick access to a single document. 

When going to a detail page related to the document, you could display the same label at the top right corner or directly after the page title (continuity).

If your users have a lot of submitted documents per user, you could make a block displaying the number of documents per status (resembling the Wizard pattern, for example). Use the same labels to keep it coherent. Clicking the label on such a block then filters the list to display all documents with that status.

When using color coding in your design, do some accessibility checks to include the colorblind.


Hi Jason,

The process you describe seems to be a perfect candidate to implement with BPT (maybe use the Workflow builder to kickstart the development).

You could then re-use the web-block from Business Activity Monitor to show the actual state of the process.

If you are building a Reactive web app then instead of the Business Activity Monitor use BAM Reports Reactive that has a similar block to re-use with same functionality.



Hi Daniel,
I have the same query as Jason with the exception that i am just starting out with outsystems. I have created a reactive web app (form) and want to now incorporate the approval steps upon submission of the form -how would i go about doing this?

I opened up workflow builder (for the first time ever) and can see that the first step is to create the form - can i use the form that i created in service studio as the starting point? 

Any assistance would be great as i'm finding it a bit hard to find any training/guidance notes!


Hi Howie, you asking a new question in a discussion from almost a year ago. It is better to create a new question. This will allow you to mark a reply as solution if one is provided by me or another community member. In your new question you can include a link to this discussion for reference.

I will wait and answer in your newly posted question.

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