What's the download link (URL) to the play store/ app store
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I have a question when my app goes to the app store and play store. 

My app uses QRcodes to go to a certain page in the app (kind of deep link) at that point it only extracts a parameter from the URL so no problem there I think. 

When the app is not installed on the device a download link will be shown to download the app, 

now it's for instance outsystems://outsystems.dummenorange.com/nativeappbuilder/app?name=DMSPro&AppKey=......

When the app goes to the app store or play store what will the download link be?

I thought for android it would be something like : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dummenorange.outsystems.DMSPro

What do you think?

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When you publish to the store, then you use the URL from the store and not from outsystems anymore.

After you publish to the store, you can search the application from the store search and you'll get the URL (like your example : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dummenorange.outsystems.DMSPro ).

The URL from outsystem (outsystems.dummenorange.com/nativeappbuilder/app?name=DMSPro&AppKey=...... ) this is from the native builder that generate apk/ipa. This is not host on the store but on Outsystems.com

For production app, you should upload to the store and not using outsystems native builder.


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@Toto thank you for your response.