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 I have a timer with no timeout which has now had its condition fulfulled but it is not moving on.  As I didn't have 'allow skip' set to yes i cannot move the process on.  

Can anyone offer advice on how i could move it on and if there is a time limit on timers?

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Hi Liz, 

Timers and BPT are different functions.

Assuming you are saying about the wait widget in the BPT.

You can set the expiration date or expiration condition depending on what you need, and besides that there is no time limit.

When this expiration date or condition is fulfilled the process will continue. 

Check this doc about wait in BPT for more info.

If you need to manually skip a activity you can do it in ServiceCenter.

Under Monitoring>Process you can find the process you want and drill down to the activity you want to skip:

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)