Customized Client Side validation


I am trying to validate my Form in Traditional Web App on Client Side. If I am doing validation using "Server" then it shows me my Customized Error Messages. But if I set button method as "Client & Server" then it shows me "Required field!" as a error message. 


Hi SP1312, 

According to Traditional Web Application there is a way to change the error Text if you use "Client & Server" Method. Customized message you can't display if you choose "Client & Server" as a Method value.

You can follow below article as well : 


You click on your eSpace and then your can customize the error text like below : 

I hope this will help you.

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Client side validation uses the default OutSystems' simple field validation JavaScript routines based on the a few properties from the input widget (required, max, etc).

Any user based custom client side validation has to be written in JavaScript and integrated with the OutSystems form JavaScript validation.

You can however extend OutSystems client validation greatly by adding extended properties to the input element that are then added to the generated html and enforced by most modern browsers around data entry.

Extended Properties of Interest:

  • type
  • minlength
  • maxlength
  • min
  • max
  • pattern (also include title)

Each of these validations has related validityStates and validation messages, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/HTML/HTML5/Constraint_validation#Validation-related_attributes