Session Variable to External Site URL


I can log to an external site with the extensions PostRequest_AddArgument and PostRequest_Submit, but then I need to keep the session active, as I do that?
Hi Pedro,

Sorry for the late reply, I guess nobody who has done this in the past has seen your post.

I haven't done it personally, but I am pretty sure it has been done in the past by several people, since this comes up every once in a while in conversations.

The bad news is that it has all been done through extensions, however, so I would recommend getting your C# in shape.


Paulo Tavares
Thanks Paulo,

if anyone could provide would appreciate, if not I will have to review my C #.
I've done it, it's easy.

Just add the variable to the External URL object, and when you call the External URL, you can set the variable's value.

For example, if the external URL is "" you can add a variable call "value1" to it, and if you call the URL and set "value1" to be "test", the URL called will be "". You can add multiple variables, of course.

I used the External URL, but in my case i need to fill a session and want to navigate to espace2  and fill the session var with data from espace 1. It's possible? I can't use the querystring.
Hugo -

You can add Input parameters to the External URL (same way you'd do it for an Action) which then go into the query string when it's called.

In my case i cant use because i am sending an URL with querystring. I need to save in a session.
Hi Hugo,

If you're navigating to another eSpace, why are you using an External URL? Why not make the screen public, reference it, and then set it as a destination?

It may be that this way the parameters will not be passed by parameter, if they are under the same user provider eSpace.

Let us know how it goes.


Paulo Tavares
I have dinamic link "Back" and if i put the URL to go Back in the parameters i have a problem because that URL its like:

I cant put this URL like a parameter because he loses the parameters, if i use in a "Back" paramenter the result is "http://localhost/Espace1/page2.aspx" and ignore the rest "?Menu=4&IdAut=2011%2fRP%2f1%2f1&IdFindings=178&SubMenu=18&IdSource=178".

Why i need this URL? Because to acess the page3 i can use 12 pages diferents and i need to go back with all the parameters i had.
How are you generating the URL for the "back" button/link?

Maybe you can try using the GetBookmarkableURL() function. That should give you a way to generate a URL you can get back to with the same parameters that were generated for creating the original page.
Why can't you just make a Back button where the link is the JavaScript for "Back"?


I can generate correct the URL but if you send by parameter he is going to ignore querystrings (parameters) since he cant find in the correct page.

Javascript, its a nice solution but  if you insert product and press F5 you got 2 times the same product. I think this could happen with the back javascript, but i will try.
1) create a Aplication with name PublicActions
2) Create a module with name Actions
3) Create the "variables global session" in Session
4) Create a SetSessionVariabel()
5) Create an input variable in this function VarSessionVariabel call that will receive the name of the session variable and one with ValSessionVariable that will receive the value of the session variable
6) create a public action function with name GetSessionVariabel ()
7) create a VarSessionVariabel input variable that will receive the session variablename and an output variable with the name of ValSessionVariabel that will get the session value and return to the caller.


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