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Hello All,

i have an entity in which i have save the customer address with their region. Their address and their region are correct (i find them searching one by one in google maps too)

My request is to get their lat & long and to save them to another entity.

For this scope i am using the AddressToCoordinates but i get as result -1 in every long and lat.

Any advise?

Hello, George.

Try this component, it is more specific to what you want, and you can also test to see if the same error happens.




Thanks for your reply but i get error

I did not find any specific solution for the two errors, but I will keep looking. What would "attribute1" be in "Address"?

The Attribute 1 is copy of Address. 

Also, clarify which is the Sensor parameter role? 

Finally, the address input parameter should be filled with the address only or with region - area too?

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Considering that Sensor parameter is Boolean, I imagine it is to validate something. I am not very familiar with this pluguin.

I will try the first plugin and do the same thing as your main objective. Do you have a deadline, or it is your personal project? I can test this tomorrow, today I have some works to do.

Tty it tomorrow.
your support is highly appreciated!

Hi George,

Hope you are doing good!

Have you found solution of this problem? 

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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