kebab/More actions menu
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.9.1 (Build 33435)

I am working on Traditional web application. We have responsive screens so that some of our users access these screens on their mobile through browsers. I have a page where no of actions users can perform are adding up day by day and cluttering UI. I am hoping to implement something like Kebab Menu/More Action menu(See attached image) where all actions can be clubbed together. Is there any forge component exists for this kinda implementation. if not, any suggestions on how I could go with it?


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Hi Chetan Patil,

Usually Outsystems Apps are responsive and when you use on mobile you already get this menu.

Check this pic bellow, I just publish this component on forge to traditional web and when I access on mobile is already there and I did nothing related to the menu.

Are you using any OutSystems Theme / Template, etc or are you creating from zero?