FullCalendar EventLimit has no effect
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.9.1 (Build 33435)


I have recently started using FullCalendar2 for Outsystems 11 as a replacement for an older implementation of Fullcalendar ( a different forge component as well).

I am having some trouble with the EventLimit as well as generally getting event's to display (I often have no event displaying, but a "+1 more" text which will display the event that one would expect to see. This appears to be relatively random - See below screenshot.

I considered that these events might have longer text or some such, but their title and description are the same lenght as the others. (see also below)

I have used both




in the specification, however neither of them seems to make any difference.

Any ideas?

Hello Rean,

I think your problem is that you use apostrophes '' for an integer value, see below an example of the AdvancedConfig we are using in one of our projects and it works just fine.

Hope this solves your issue.



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