[Ultimate PDF] How to hide footer on a certain page?
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Does anybody know if it's possible to exclude the footer on a certain page?

Right now when I add a footer this will be shown on ALL pages.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kevin,

Enclose the Footer in If statement in your layout. Add an input parameter to your screen. which will basically works as condition to display or no-display of your footer.



I have the same issue, I want to display my footer only on the last page of my pdf but how do I pass this parameter as a condition?


Enclose the footer in if statement and set validation. It will work.

That is just where I need help.   What is the condition to check if I am on the last page since I don't know how many pages there will be

Hi Mercia,

Did you get solution for this?

nope - we rewired our logic to not have a footer on the last page :(

How did u do that? Have footer on all pages except last or few? 



With version 5.0, it's now possible to define multiple headers/footers by using multiple PrintLayout blocks on the same report. So you could use a different PrintLayout for your last page, and only define the footer in that PrintLayout instance.

Let me know if this helps.


Im so thankfull with this new update I really need this for a problem I have in a client.
Just one question. How do I implement this?

For example my first page has footer and header but i dont want the rest of the pages to have header.
If i have 2 diferent PrintLayout the text I have in the first page will not continue in the second page right?


Hi Flávio.

Each PrintLayout block defines a set of pages, with their own header and footer. If the first PrintLayout block spans multiple pages, all of these pages will have the same header and footer. Only after the content of the first PrintLayout is complete, is that the second PrintLayout will be rendered. Of course, there will be a forced page break between each PrintLayout.

Does this help you in your scenario? What information are you displaying in the header and footer of the first page?

Thank you for the answer.

We found a solution that worked for our specific case. The content that was in the header (that was supose to appear only on the first page) we put it in the content of the PrintLayout.

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