Service Studio Version

Service Studio Version

Hi all,
I am trying to access to access to a plataform server with the version and i can't find any version that can login in that version :S
Can anyone help me or gime a service center that can login in that version?

Hi João

The Agile Platform was an intermediate version of the 5.0 release, which lacked some of the key features, like Oracle support, and it was deprecated by the new build 5.0.2.x with the full feature range.

If you still have a Service Center running, you should upgrade it to 5.0.2.x, so you can use the 5.0 Service Studio to connect to it.

If this Service Center was installed with the community edition, then you should patch to the latest community edition, which is, available for download at This will upgrade all components to 5.1, and you should upgrade the Service Studio as well, to 5.1.

If this was not installed with community edition installer, but was with the standalone Platform Server installer, then you can patch the Platform Server from to, using this Platform Server installer.

Hope this information is helpful.


Miguel Simões João