Error en el Servidor remoto: (411) Longitud requerida. / Error 411 Required length

Hi , 

I am getting stuck here with this error 411 from PostRequest_Submit through HTTPRequestHandler 

I am passing an URL, it is a photo hold in google drive : https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1x0blX6LJhNHgYyiVVMuNyuzIIXxR6nzg

Actually, I am just trying to get Binary, Name, Type from an URL, and exploring possible solution, this one I am trying to overpass to get something through the URL

Any idea to solve this problem using the service studio, and what is available to us?

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Hi Carla,

Are you sure you need a POST instead of a GET to retrieve the image? Your error is the result of a POST needing more information, in this case the length of the content. See e.g. here.