[Active Directory] Integrating with multiple AD providers
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Published on 13 Jan 2020
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Hi guys,

Imagine a scenario where an application deals with multiple clients. Each client uses its own user authentication method. Some use Internal Authentication only, some use AD or another method. So I guess we wouldn't use the Outsystems built-in for this because we can't configure multiple methods. We would need to create a component for each of the methods that we would like to use.

Does this component needs to create Users in Outsystems or can it live with just a kind of UserToken entity that would serve as a mapping between AD Users and a pool of logged users for each client, so we don't need to waste Users AOs for users that use the application once in a year?

And does this component work for multiple AD instances?

Best regards,
Tiago Lopes

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Hi Tiago; long time no see :-),

Starting with the easiest answer, the component can work with multiple AD instances, though I haven't tested myself. If you're making different operations in the same flow you might have to call the set domain action multiple times to establish new connections as required.

Not using the Users tenant from OutSystems makes it harder to manage sessions and logins, but it is possible. The component does not have any connection to Users and it even has a method to validate the login directly on the AD.


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Hi Renato,

Yes, time flies :)

Thanks for your answer. I guess I need to have a deeper dive on this component and get my hands dirty.

But it's good to know it can be used in a multiple integration scenario and it it's not hardly coupled to /Users tenant.