[CryptoAPI] Validating an MD5 Checksum
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Published on 03 Mar 2019
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Hi All,

I am trying to validate that a file we are being sent matches a checksum that is also being provided.  The checksum has been calculated by running the command prompt "certutil -hashfile {filename} MD5" and this provides me with a 32 character string.  

Is there a function inbuilt in this component that allows me to run across the file and receive a code to be matched to validate that the file hasnt been tampered with?  

I have tried the "ComputeHash" function passing my file binary in (converted from BinaryDataToText) and "MD5" in the Algorithm but doesnt seem to match.

Any advise would be great


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Hi Daniel,

With powershell component you can validate any file directly on the server with certutil.

Sample: https://cesar-mateus.outsystemscloud.com/WebAppsTests/MD5Checksum

Component: Powershell Commander