How to dynamically translate the web application? Is it possible?
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I am using Multilingual Locale in traditional web applications to translate the web apps based on the locales. In this we have to manually add the translations for all the fields which are shown in translator editor. 

I want to ask is it possible in Outsystems to translate the traditional web application dynamically after changing the locale, i.e. we do not have to add the translations for the fields it will auto translate ?

Also, in the existing functionality the exception messages which are received from the REST APIs how to translate this messages? as this messages are not shown in the translator editor. How to handle this type of scenarios? 


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Hi Kaustubh Kamble,

OutSystems-supported translation is at design-time for all static text. When you change the locale, if there are static translations defined for that locale your application will use them.

Dynamic translation of text like you describe would require explicitly calling an external translation service (Google, Azure, etc...) when rendering any text that requires translation.
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Hi Kaustubh, 

a solution might be (for reactive) to use the multilingual component and attach the translation action to an external translation service. but be aware that the component won't be supported that long since it will be integrated in OutSystems itself.

good luck,


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Hi Kaustubh,

There is an idea to integrate Google Translations suggestions in the platform, so it is a challenge others also feel. Feel free to upvote if you think it would help you on your scenario.

Good luck,