Simple question. How to resize the popup_editor on rutime?

Hi Eduardo.

For you to resize the Popup_Editor in runtime, I would imagine that you would have to do some javascript and CSS coding in order to change it, inside an unescaped expression.

In Javascript, it should be something like


replacing PopupDivId by the actual Popup Editor's div id, and 1000px by the width and height you want to. Make sure you execute it AFTER it pops up. I recommend using the Firefox browser, and the Firebug extension, in order to debug and test CSS and Javascript changes.

What exactly are you trying to do? If you're interested in more examples, there's tons of them in Google - just google "div resize css javascript". Sadly, most of them are solutions for specific user questions, but by reading through some of them you'll get the idea in case you want something more complex than what I'm describing here.

Let us know if this helps.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Eduardo,

In the attached oml you'll find a webblock that you should add to the page that pops up the dialog. You'll also find an action that you should add in the popup webscreen so that the popup dialog resizes to its content.

Word of avise for a couple of things:
 - Dynamic dialogs don't bound to screen size, this resize action also doesn't
 - Resize action ignores initial setting of width and height, so probably you shouldn't use this for fixed size popups
 - Be sure to put the action after the Ajax Refresh widget so that the page is refresh before the resize action triggers.

This should work for both Popup_Editor and Popup_InfoBalloon.

Im having a problem with this component.When resizing the popup get black and i cant do anything.Any guess?
Hi, I have the same problem when I upgrade RichWidgets Version 5.0.12 !

To fix the problem open the eSpace popupResize go to the Javascript in the WebBlock PopupEditor_Resize
and change :

	// FIX For Shadow in front of popup... (jp)
	   var actualZIndex = $(divToPopup).parents('.ui-dialog').css('z-index');

	   var onAnimationComplete = function() {
	    // FIX For Shadow in front of popup... (jp)
	    $(divToPopup).parents('.ui-dialog').css('z-index', actualZIndex);


Cool fix - thanks for sharing!

I'll run this through our maintenance team - maybe it's worth looking into for future versions of our RichWidgets.


Paulo Tavares