Early Access preview of new forge categorization

Hello Community! 

Our Forge team is working on a new categorization for Forge components so that you can find the components you need faster.

We’ve been following your feedback on this thread, where you ask us to be involved in the product development cycle. We are giving you an early access preview (no login is needed) of the new categorization so that you can be aware of the changes that we are about to launch. 

We are looking for your feedback. Please reply to this thread by December 7th so that we can improve according to your suggestions.

Thank you for your contribution,

Sofia Modesto & Dinis Caeiro | Product Designer & Product Manager working on improving your experience in Forge.

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The new categorization is a very nice improvement! thanks Sofia.

Also nice to mention the component details that show when one hover above a component panel in the grid.

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Improved and much more informative ..the only thing I missing is a filter to see deactivated components. As a logged in user if I have many component published by me and some of them are deactivated , there should be some filter to see the deactivated component only .



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thank you for the feedback. I would like to know more about your use case, why would you need to filter by deactivated components? 

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I found this really great and will be very helpful. One suggestion, can we sort the components name in an alphabetical manner, now they are not properly sorted and also can we get the details of whether this component has been already installed in our environment on hover with the component details?

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Thank you for the feedback!
We will explore how to accommodate your suggestion in further iterations.

Very Nice upgrade! Similar to the Shweta sugestion, would be nice that we could have a selector for the component already installed in our enviroment.


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Nice improvements.

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Thank you for all the feedback, we will now proceed with the implementation of these changes in Production. 

We will keep in touch.

Sofia Modesto & Dinis Caeiro | Product Designer & Product Manager working on improving your experience in Forge.

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The changes made are good and user friendly. Hope will see the same changes in production soon!!

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Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know that the new categorization for Forge components are now available to everyone.

Please let us now if you have any questions.

Thank you all for the continuous reports and feedback! 

Sara Karim | Product Owner working on improving your experience in Forge.

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Thanks for the confirmation!!